Since its establishment in Germany in 1887, AEG has become a pioneer in terms of the most modern domestic electrical appliances and is synonymous with German engineering, design and precision.

AEG stands for outstanding performance,which is why each product is constructed and developed to be “perfect in form and function”.

The brand AEG repeatedly offers new products, which continue the proud history of the brand. The success story began with light bulbs and developed throughout the course of many years through railway engines, electrical tools and machines to measuring gauges, motors, microelectronics and much more. The brand remains as attractive and important today as it was 120 years ago.

“Perfect in form and function” is more than a slogan - it’s a philosophy.


2011 AEG broadens its product range with a high quality product line for the whole car.

1994 AEG presents their first LCD-Information Systems for outdoor use.

1989 AEG widens their product range with Identification Systems such as transponders for goods tracking or animal identification.

1958 It’s the birthday of the first fully automated washing machine - the LAVAMAT.

1938 AEG introduces the first electrical locomotive.

1907 Peter Behrens is appointed “artistic advisor” at AEG and therewith is the worldwide first industrial designer

1898 AEG presents the first portable power drill.

1887 AEG is founded by Emil Rathenau in Berlin. Everything started with a just few patents, which Rathenau bought from the American inventor Thomas Edison. The first product branded AEG was an electric light bulb.