Technical data

12 V socket:  max. 200 W / 15 A
USB socket:   5 V / 2.1 A
Operating voltage:  12 V DC


Product Information

  • DC supply from the vehicle battery (even when the motor is switched off)
  • For 12 V units with a maximum output of 200 W (No limitation due to the vehicle's own 12 V connection)
  • Ideal for connecting units which have a high   power consumption, e.g., heating or cooling units
  • Battery monitoring function and current display
  • 2,1 A USB connection (suitable for iPhones and iPads)
  • Manual ON / OFF switch
  • Comfort connection

* The comfort connection makes the battery connection simpler, which has an advantage particularly with difficult to access vehicle batteries. The ring loops are firmly mounted and can be connected easily to the multiple socket with a quick-connect coupling. The connection is also usable as a loading connection (compatible with the following AEG battery chargers: 97101, 97102)