Technical data

Maximum charging capacity: 10.000 mA 
Charging characteristic: 8 stage
Battery type: Gel, AGM, Lead-acid, maintenance-free and low maintenance batteries
Battery voltage: 12 / 24 V
Recommended for battery capacity: 200 - 300 Ah
Operating voltage: 230 V alternating current 
Display: LED indicators (Charging process, Error)
Security features: Overcharging, short circuit, overheat and reverse polarity protection, as well as spark and electronic protection (damage protection for sensitive on-board electronics)


Product Information

  • LED Display (charging progress in %, charging current, Volt, errors)
  • Intelligent 8-stage automatic charging cycle
  • Comprehensive battery care: fully automatic, microprocessor-controlled diagnosis-, rescue-, charging- and maintenance function
  • Rescue function, especially for exhaustively discharged batteries, already activates at 1.5 V
  • For all standard 12 and 24 V car batteries
  • Connection: comfort connection with ring lugs     and all-insulated clamps
  • No damage to the sensitive on-board electronics
  • Effective charging current: 10.000 mA
  • Recommended for batteries up to 200 Ah
  • Operating voltage: 230 V alternating current