Technical data

Effective charging current: 1000 mA (max.)
Charging characteristic: Microprocessor controlled 4-level charging cycle
Battery type: Gel, AGM, lead-acid, maintenance-free and low-maintenance batteries
Battery voltage: 12 V
Recommended battery capacity: up to 100 Ah
Operating voltage: 230 V alternating current
Connection: Comfort connection* with eyelets and insulated clamps

* The comfort connection facilitates the connection of the charger, a particular advantage for motorcycles, seasonal vehicles and vehicle batteries which are difficult to access. The eyelets are permanently installed and the charger can then easily be connected using the quick connection.

Product Information

  • Microprocessor controlled 4-level charging cycle
  • Charging and discharge cycles train the battery
  • Trickle charging for a lasting, ideal charging state
  • Ideal for seasonal vehicles with long storage periods, such as convertibles or motorcycles
  • Extends the battery’s life
  • No battery removal required
  • Comfort connection may be connected permanently