Technical data

Maximum charging capacity: 1000 mA
Battery type: Gel, AGM, lead-acid, maintenance free and low maintenance batteries
Battery voltage: 6, 12 V
Operating voltage: 230 V AC
Safety features: Protection against overcharging, short circuits, overheating and reverse polarity as well as spark protected and electronics safe (no damage to delicate onboard electronics)
Battery capacity: 1.2 - 60 Ah (recommended) 


Product Information

  • With micro-processor
  • Charger for all standard 6 and 12 V car batteries
  • 1000 mA maximum charging capacity
  • Intelligent, 5-stage charging cycle (IIUoIUp characteristics)
  • Removal of the battery not required
  • Fully-automatic charging, diagnosis, rescue and maintenance function
  • With comfort connection
  • Ideal for seasonal vehicles, cars,scooters and motorcycles
  • Safe and easy to use
  • The comfort connection eases the connection of the charger which, particularly for motorbikes, seasonally-used vehicles and batteries which are difficult to access in the vehicle, means an enormous advantage. The ring eylets are permanently fitted and with the aid of a quick coupling the charger can be connected with little effort.