Technical data

Error codes: 8000
Supported protocols: PWM, VPW, CAN, KWP 2000, ISO 9141, EKWP2000
Power supply: 12 V (directly from the diagnosis interface of the car)
LCD-Display: 2 lines, back lit


Product Information

  • Easy reading and deletion of error codes in the on-board computer.
  • Reads the error memory, emission status display and chassis number
  • Deletes error-memory, extinguishes engine control lamp
  • Direct display of error codes
  • For petrol-driven vehicles from year 2000 construction date, and Diesel vehicles from 2003 construction date with OBD II socket
  • Simple to use via plug-in solution
  • Includes software with 8000 error codes and handbook with 1000 error codes
  • Power supply via the vehicle                                                                                                
  • Safe and secure data transmission via the on-board computer
  • Compact and convenient casing design
  • Includes handy storage bag