Technical data

Maximum charging capacity: 3800 mA 
Charging characteristic: 5 stage (IIUoIUp characteristic): 5 stage (IIUoIUp characteristic)
Battery type: Gel, AGM, Lead-acid, maintenance-free and low maintenance batteries
Battery voltage: 12 V 
Recommended for battery capacity: 1.2 - 120 Ah
Operating voltage: 230 V alternating current 
Display: LED indicators (Charging process, Error)
Security features: Overcharging, short circuit, overheat and reverse polarity protection, as well as spark and electronic protection (damage protection for sensitive on-board electronics)


Product Information

  • With micro-processor
  • Charging unit for all standard 12 V vehicle batteries
  • 3800 mA maximum charging performance
  • Intelligente five-digit charging cycle (IIUoIUp characteristic)
  • No removal of the battery necessary
  • Fully automatic charging, diagnostic, rescue and maintenance function
  • With comfort connection*
  • Ideal for seasonal vehicles such as convertibles or motorcycle
  • Safe and easy to use


* The comfort connection makes it easier to connect the battery charger, an advantage particularly with motorcycles, seasonal vehicles and difficult to access vehicle batteries. The ring lugs are firmly mounted and, using a quick-connect coupling, the battery charger can be easily connected