QuestionWhere can I ask a technical question?


Information about your product can be found on the packaging, in the operating manual and also on the website: www.aeg-automotive.com. Additionally, you can contact our Service-Hotline +49 (0) 900 / 1625280 *or send an e-mail to service@aeg-automotive.com.

*(0.99 € per call from a German landline. Calls from mobiles can be charged at different rates. Please note that our Service-Hotline is not available for callers from outside Germany.)

QuestionWhere can I present a guarantee claim?


Our products are subject to a strict quality control. Should this item unexpectedly not function perfectly, please bring it / send it back to your stockist or where it was purchased. The general guarantee conditions apply to defects due to a fault in production or material. To accelerate the guarantee and repair work on your appliance you will require the following:

  • A copy of the receipt / delivery note / sales receipt with the date of purchase on it
  • Reason for the complaint / fault description

You purchased the product in the AEG Online Shop? In this case please contact: shop@aeg-automotive.com; or call: +49 (40) 6000 375 90

Questionregarding voltage transformers: The LED lights up (possibly in colour or description in the operating manual) and an acoustic signal can be heard, what does that mean?


Warning: Undervoltage! This optic and acoustic signal points to a possibly undervoltage (~10.5 V) of the battery. Please check the battery charge and charge it if required.

Questionregarding voltage transformers: How long can I operate the voltage transformer on my battery?


This depends on the battery capacity, what appliance you have connected and its power consumption.

Questionregarding voltage transformers: What are ohmic, inductive and capacitive loads?


Ohmic loads are electric consumers which completely transform the power taken up, for instance into light or heat. The power output stated on the electric consumer is equal to the power input from the voltage transformer.

Examples of ohmic consumers: cooking rings, heaters, light bulbs etc.

Inductive loads are electric consumers that need considerably more power at start up, this starting power can be between 3 and 10 times of the nominal capacity. Usually these are appliances driven by an electric motor. To dimension the voltage transformer correctly it is important to know and take into account the start up power of the electric consumer. When using inductive consumers, the voltage transformer should be over-dimensioned to allow for sufficient reserves.

Examples of inductive consumers are: Electric motors, angle grinders, refrigerators etc.

Capacitive loads are the most critical consumers. These consumers should only be used with voltage transformers with pure sinusoidal voltage.

Examples of capacitive loads: Studio flash units, discharge lights and other flashlights.